1. How to activate your card?

Please find all the informations regarding the activation of your Lunchr card here.


  1. Where can the Lunchr card be used?

Your Lunchr card can be used in all the establishment selling food products which are affiliated with the luncheon voucher committee.


  1. What are the current rules to use luncheon vouchers?


Luncheon vouchers are usable at any time from Monday to Saturday ☕🍝🍉🍩! If you are working on Sundays and on publics holidays, you can then ask to your administrator to allow the use of your card on those days (if it is not already done 😉)

How much?

You can use your card daily up to €19. Unlike the paper tickets, you do not have any minimum amount required and so, you can work out down the last penny 🎉!

What for?

  • Fresh produce (meat, fruits and vegetables…) 🍇
  • Sweet groceries (tin, jar, ready-cooked dishes…) 🍱
  • Salted groceries 🍫
  • Frozen food 🍲
  • Beverage (water, jus, non-alcoholic drinks…) ☕

How long?

Your balance is automatically carried over from month to month and your employer can activate the automatic annual renewal from his Lunchr administrator account. Lunchr cards are usable for 3 years, until the expiry date indicates on the Lunchr card.


  1. How to check your balance?

You can manage your Lunchr card (PIN code, contactless, loss) and track your balance from the Lunchr app (available on IOS and Android)


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